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Hot Stone Massage

A bit of Hot Stone Massage History

Hot stone massage originates in ancient Asian medicine and more specifically in the healing tradition of Ayurveda, Indians being the first to use this relaxation technique for relieving muscle tension, stimulating digestion and easing pain.

However, the modern massage technique using warmed stones is attributed to Native Americans, the Arizona therapist Mary Nelson being the one to introduce this procedure within the United States. Known as LaStone, the method trademarked by Nelson became popular very quickly not only among Americans but also in Europe, therapists all over the world developing their own versions of massage using heated stones.

Despite some minor differences, all these techniques have one point in common: they all aim to relax, revitalize and restore balance by acting directly on energy centers in the back, palms and feet and opening up energy channels.

So this is what our holistic massage, Dublin-based centre offers you through hot stone massage sessions: a rejuvenating and relaxing experience for body, mind and soul! But before taking advantage of our offer and experiencing the benefits of this innovative technique, make sure you get familiar with its principles and contraindications by reading our comprehensive presentation below. Other treatments available are , Deep Tissue MassageIndian Head Massage, and Ear Canding.

What is a Hot Stone Massage?

In this form of massage, the therapist uses basalt, a special type of rock which is smooth, iron-rich and able to absorb and hold heat, releasing it once in contact with the body. The principle behind this technique says relaxed muscles allow for deeper massage penetration, so by heating the outer muscle tissue, the therapist can easier access deeper layers as well.

Beneficial for both body and mind, this form of holistic therapy stimulates blood flow by expanding blood vessels and has a sedative effect, heat coming from stones being effective in energizing, relieving pain and aches, reducing stress and inducing a deep feeling relaxation and well being.

Why should I try a Hot Stone Massage?

Most of the clients trying this form of therapy in our centre of holistic massage in Dublin 15 opt for it because it’s softer than other types of massage and helps them get rid of chronic inflammations, back pain and muscle tension, as well as overcome stressful thoughts and depression.

Still, there are also people undergoing this massage technique because they tried it before during Spa sessions and enjoyed the results or because they’re offered the opportunity to have a hot stone massage by their spouse, company or by their friends, as birthday present. Also, lots of clients benefiting from this rejuvenating experience come back for more and opt for having a massage with warmed stones on a regular basis.

As said, this form of holistic therapy is recommended to people accusing back pain and aches, joint pain caused by rheumatoid conditions such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, circulation problems and increased stress levels. Also, those experiencing anxiety episodes frequently, people having sleep problems, those suffering from depression and accusing general physical and psychical tension should take advantage of this innovative form of massage.

However, the technique is not designed only for people affected by the previously mentioned conditions. Individuals looking for a deeper level of relaxation and those wanting to enjoy a revitalizing experience are also welcome to try it in our centre of Holistic Massage in Dublin.

What happens during a Hot Stone Massage session?

The massage session starts before the client arrives, with the therapist asking the potential client about injuries and health conditions that could interfere with the therapy. This holistic procedure is not indicated to people with clotting disorders, immune disorders such as lupus, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension, varicose veins, open sores and wounds. Also, it’s contraindicated to pregnant women, patients following radiation treatments and chemotherapy, taking thermogenic medicines or accusing fever.

Assuming none of these conditions are present, next steps are as follows:

  1. Few minutes before the client’s arrival, the therapist sanitizes the stones and heats them in hot water until they reach 120-150°.
  2. Then, the client gets ready for the massage by lying with his face down on the massage table.
  3.  The third step involves a classical Swedish massage for warming up the body. This is done by the therapist using only his hands to directly massage the skin.
  4. Once muscles are more relaxed, the therapist massages the skin while holding a hot stone. Additional stones are placed on the patient’s back, along the spine, in his palms and between the toes to improve the energy flow throughout the body. As the stone cools, it is replaced with a warmer one, various sizes and shapes being used during the massage session for an intense effect on both smaller and bigger muscles.

What are the effects of a Hot Stone Massage?

In very simple words, massage using hot stones relaxes, rebalances energy levels and induces a sense of well-being. So if you want to benefit from a revitalizing hot stone massage session, come and visit our centre of holistic massage in Dublin 15.