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Deep Tissue Massage

A bit of Deep Tissue Massage History

Deep tissue massage is a form of massage quite similar to the Swedish one but focusing on deeper muscle layers. The technique uses deep finger pressure exerted on certain body areas and slow strokes in order to unstick fibers, releasing tension and inflammation, relaxing muscles and restoring normal movements.

Scar tissues and adhesions in muscles block circulation and cause pain, weakness and numbness so by stimulating the deep layers of tissue and destroying these inelastic bands, blood flow is improved, toxins elimination is stimulated and oxygenation is significantly enhanced.

It is therefore obvious that deep tissue massage is both corrective and therapeutic so if you want to benefit from this relaxing technique and get rid of muscle soreness and aches, make sure you take the time to read the in depth presentation below and visit our centre of holistic therapy in Dublin 15.

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What is Deep Tissue Massage?

As the name suggests it,deep tissue massage is a technique targeting the deeper muscles and connective tissues and focusing on realigning muscle fibers, fascia, tendons and ligaments in order to relieve tension.

While regular fibers run parallel to each other, following a perfectly neat and orderly route, scar tissue and adhesions occurring when muscles are too tired or injured alter this order, leading to the formation of knots. These cause discomfort and pain, as muscles are permanently tense and contracted so the purpose of the therapist is to identify the tangled fibers by palpating the skin and to exert enough pressure in order to realign them.

During the massage session, the therapist uses his hands to penetrate muscles and loose them, applying energy healing on stiff and sore areas. Strokes and movements are slower and deeper than in classic massage techniques as the pressure has to be concentrated on areas of tension and pain.

Although some patients feel better after a single session on deep tissue massage, in people accusing chronic muscle tension several sessions are needed for restoring the body’s equilibrium and relaxing the tense tissues so if you’re among those persons struggling to find an effective solution to their long term problems, make sure to visit our center of holistic therapy in Dublin 15.

Who should undergo a Deep Tissue Massage session?

People undergoing this form of therapy are most of the times those looking for a professional massage to relieve stress and tension in their bodies, abuse survivors and people with chronic pain. Athletes whose muscles require deep penetration in order to relax after intense physical effort, small business owners, computer operators, IT professionals and students accusing muscle cramps and aches and an overall state of tension are among the typical clients.

Reasons for undergoing this form of therapy are numerous, from getting rid of chronic pain once and for all to speeding up rehabilitation after injuries and bringing the nervous and immune systems back to balance. Contrary to the general opinion, techniques of massage targeting the deeper tissue layers are designed not only to relax but to provide a permanent cure to back problems, energy imbalances and emotional instability as well.

Massage of deep muscles it’s beneficial for the entire organism as